The Best Tech Under $50?

Cheap tech is an amazing thing. When I was a kid – many of the thing’s you are about to see in Jonathan Morrisons’s video hadn’t even been dreamed about, let alone been made. The rest were primative versions that cost a hell of a lot more than $50, probably many, many times more. The Nintendo Switch’s great great grandparent, the GameBoy, was all the rage, and everyone wanted one, and loads of kids at school couldn’t afford them.

Today though, prices are in virtually anyone’s reach, as we’re about to see…

I find it interesting that the Koss Porta Pro headphones that Jonathan starts with look kind of cheap, and in a sense they are, yet clearly that’s a bit of an illusion to make a top vlogger’s first pick. As he mentions, retro is often cool, so maybe that’s a lot towards explaining why they’re just so popular.

I’m not going to go through each and every product from the entire video, but before moving on it’s worth mentioning that I wish more YT vloggers would do the same with microphones they feature – it just seems so obvious and valuable to record that segment with the product in question!

The Yeelight’s something that’s added to my list – all too often candles get left burning when forgotten about, and that’s never a great idea. It’s also perfect to be able to activate or switch off remotely, on those lazy evenings when you want a little mood lighting.

Time to sign off for now, while I go and hunt for that NES jacket as worn alongside the switch case!